Outreach 2022 & Beyond


We want our neighbours to experience the peace and joy of God’s unconditional love, but our world is complacent, confused and even hostile towards God’s good news. How can we reach our neighbours with God’s love?

By joining a network of churches learning to communicate effectively the hope and the joy that God’s love brings. The Anglican Connection is not just for Anglicans. It provides resources and programs so you and your church, of any denomination, can connect and communicate authentically with your local community, your city and beyond.

Find out more at info@anglicanconnection.com.

The Unchanging God In A World of Change

Find out more via our conference follow-up seminars

THE Anglican Connection: committed to bringing the peace and joy of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness to a confused and lost world.

Ministers and Churches that have participated in Anglican Connection conferences, seminars and ministry include:

Keith Paulus, Christ Church (Anglican) NYC; Dr. Jim Salladin, Emmanuel Anglican Church NYC; Jason Harris, Central Presbyterian Church, NYC; Bernard Howard, Church of the Good Shepherd, NYC; Gene Sherman, Christ Church Anglican, Westshore, OH; Rick Lepage, Reformation Anglican Church, Grey, ME; Dr. John Yates III, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Raleigh, NC; Dr. Henry Jansma, All Souls Anglican Church, Cherry Hill, NJ; Paul Young, Glory of God Anglican Church, Cocoa, FL; Daniel Adkinson, St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Athens, GA; Geoffrey Hatley, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Huntsville, AL; Clark Cornelius, Grace Anglican Church, Dothan, AL; Andrew Pearson, Grace (Anglican) Church, Birmingham, AL; Doug McCurry, Legacy Anglican Church, Montgomery, AL; Peter Johnston, Trinity Anglican Church, Lafayette, LA; Dr. Dustin Messer, All Saints Anglican, Dallas, TX, Michael Kelshaw, Trinity @ the Marketplace, Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Benjamin Fischer, Christ the Redeemer, Nampa, ID; Toby Kurth, Christ Church (Presbyterian), SF, CA; Jeffrey Locke, Eucharist (Anglican) Church, SF, CA; Dr. Shane Copeland, St George’s Anglican Church, Phoenix, AR.