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Affirming the unique authority of the Scriptures, as God’s Word Written



The services of ordination and the catechism (teaching) commit ministers in The  ANGLICAN Connection to ministries that are gospel-centered and pastoral


Affirming The Thirty-Nine Articles of the ANGLICAN Church as setting out the essential doctrine of the church


Affirming the theological and liturgical principles of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (grounded in Archbishop Thomas Cranmer’s second Prayer Book of 1552)

Why Support the Connection?

The Challenges and the Opportunities of Gospel Ministry

Many today have never heard God’s gospel and so many others do not know what to believe. In Reformation Anglicanism, Archbishop Be Kwashi of Northern Nigeria writes, “In much of the world today there are churches…everywhere and very many Christians, yet with little positive impact on society.”

At a time when many are in search of life’s meaning, The Anglican Connection is a network committed to drawing from the biblical, theological and liturgical riches of the 16th Reformation for the benefits of 21st-century mission.

We are committed to developing ministries that offer a fresh expression of biblical Christianity and with it the opportunity for people to explore life’s deeper issues.

THE CONNECTION is a net of ministers, church leaders, and members – not just Anglicans – who long to see God’s people grow in their faith, and more and more people in the wider community drawn to faith, connecting with vital, joyful, Christ-centered Churches.

Gospel-centered (classic) Anglicanism has always insisted that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is ‘the word of truth’, and thus has focused on a rational ethos for its ministry, engaging in study and debate, as for an example in the work of C.S. Lewis, J.R.W. Stott and J.I. Packer.

Rather than returning to the past, under God and inspired by his Spirit, we want the best of the past to speak into our life and gospel ministry.

Would you consider joining us in this ministry by generously supporting our work with your prayer and financial gifts?