The aim of the Anglican Connection is to build a partnership of effective Bible-based, gospel-driven ministers and churches so that people who believe can grow in the hope and joy of their faith; we are also committed to helping people who do not know what to believe to find answers to life. Making disciple-making disciples is key to our work. So, we aim to facilitate ministries that are grounded in the Scriptures and framed by the riches of the English Reformation, adopting the tools of effective ministry thinking and practice. We invite you to partner in this movement! 


Word on Wednesday

by The Rev. John G. Mason


‘Valentine’s Day’. All of us like to think that we can find a way to experience life to the full. In the minds of many, a special relationship celebrated or affirmed on Valentine’s Day is important, if not essential. Well, so the retail world marketing wants us to...

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Good News

Many people reckon church is irrelevant. Indeed, recent research indicates that the majority of people who call themselves Christians think church is unimportant. In fact, they often attend church because of family, because they like the preacher or the music, or...

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Colossians 1:27b-28

Christ in you, the hope of glory. It is he whom we proclaim warning everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ.